Thursday, January 27, 2011

DBA Post Mongol Russian

 It's not often that I work on figures just for me.  And when I do start projects I only work on them a little at a time.  I finally finished this DBA post Mongol Russian army after starting it about six months ago.  Well, it's origin go back even further as I had painted many of the elements years ago but didn't like how they turned out.  So I stripped and repainted several of the figures. 

 The figures themselves are 15mm Essex.  They are mounted on Litko wooden bases.  The flags and banners are all hand made from sheet brass.  I've used paper before but I like the idea of metal banners for metal figures.  To the right are two cavalry elements.  The fellow in green, pointing the way with his sword is what I will use for the general of this army. 
 The next set of photos are my interpretation of the Russian Gulay Gorod or "walking fort".  This was completely scratch built based on a small bit of research I did.  I'm not sure how entirely accurate it is but it looks cool none the less.  In DBA terms this would be a war wagon or WWg.  Yes, I know it's mounted on a 40mm square so it's not legal with the current version of DBA.  But I am anticipating that the new version, 3.0, will go with 40mm square basing for these element types.  Below this photo is another of what is going on behind the wall. 

 More than likely this will be the camp for the army most of the time. 
 Next are some of the cavalry elements for this army.  This is definitely a cavalry heavy army.  All shields are hand painted, for better or worse. 

 To the right are some light horse elements.  These are Mongols who are employed by the native Russians. 
And finally are the foot elements of the army.  A psiloi, a bow, and a spear.  Not much but enough to keep your opponent honest.  Of course, the list itself only calls for 12 elements total but I built the army to be able to employ all army building options.  Oh and a few more final notes.  The grass is Gale Force 9 "straw" and the snow is Sweet and Low.  Or Skinny and Sweet or whatever you call that stuff.  Now I just need to keep the ants away. 

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  1. great !
    very nice painting
    i put your blog in my "favoris"

  2. Thank you very much, Marco. I will try to update more often so that the blog doesn't get boring.