Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DBA Hittites

I do, occasionally, get to paint a few miniatures for myself in between commissions. While I have many projects for myself, I find that DBA armies suit me best. I do like DBA and enjoy the simplicity of it. Although I am not a great player and lose more often than not. So I suppose the simplicity is in the learning to play, not in how well to play.

Seen here is a Hittite army. (I/24b) The miniatures are 15mm Essex and the army is an Essex army pack. Some people don't like Essex sculpts and have problems with their horses. But I like their line of figures and I really enjoy the horses for the way they paint up. I may not be historically accurate with colors and patterns but it looks good to me. The bases are Litko. I did paint up an extra element of spears as I needed something to do with all the extra chariot riders that were provided.
If you like this army and are interested in purchasing it, I can be persuaded to sell it. Contact me at Ken@bluemoosearts.com .
Until next time...

15mm WW2 Germans

I get many requests to paint World War Two figures and vehicles. I don't know if it's the " Flames of War" effect or if it's just a very popular period. Of all the nationalities I've paint by far the Germans are the ones I get the most requests for. Maybe it's because of how they performed, historically, or maybe it's because of the interesting vehicles and artillery. Or maybe it's just because in the European theater they were the enemy of just about everyone. For a painter like me, the army was certainly colorful and varied.

Here I am showing Battlefront's miniatures, mostly. The Kublewagon is a Peter Pig piece. All were airbrushed and then the details picked out with a brush.

This commission heads out to Florida, tomorrow. There are many more vehicles in the commission but I thought I would share a few.