Friday, November 13, 2009

Khurasan Romans

This week I've been working on many different projects. But I did want to take the time to share a few photographs of some Khurasan Miniatures Romans that I've completed. Khurasan makes an every expanding range of 15mm ancient and medieval figures. They are finely detailed and paint very well. These figures are for a client in Canada and are part of a larger cavalry force. As more figures are completed I will post the pictures. I encourage anyone who is shopping for 15mm ancients to take a look at Khurasan. If they have something that fits your needs you will be well pleased with the figures.

Friday, October 30, 2009

France, 1940

Another project that I am working on is a collection of 1/300 and 1/285 miniatures representing France during her 1940 struggle. The client sent soft skin vehicles, infantry, and aircraft. I'm not sure of all the manufacturers but I do know that some are GHQ and some are Skytrex. The aircraft are a first for me as I have never painted aircraft in this scale before. I do like the way the aircraft are coming out. A special thanks goes out to I-94 Enterprises for their help with the decals on the planes. There was an issue with the original set and they took the necessary steps to correct the problem without delay. A great company to work with!
This is another ongoing project so more will follow.

Italian Bersaglieri

Here are some 15mm Italians I am working on. They are made by Battlefront. They are Bersaglieri troops painted in the tropical uniforms. The Bersaglieri were Italy's elite infantry. These are just a few figures from a boxed set so there will be more pictures as this project develops. The client wanted the figures individually mounted and based. I rather like these figures...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WW2 US troops

Here are some figures that I am working on at the moment. All of the figures are 15mm Battlefront. Each figure is to be individually mounted on 3/4 inch fender washers. Even though only a small portion of the figures are shown they are actually taking over my studio. It seems they are everywhere! The bases will be finished with some ground material and a bit of flocking. I usually do basing last and on all figures at the same time so as to get consistent results. Plus I like to put it off as it isn't my most favorite part of a job. You can get a glimpse of my painting area as well. Well, part of it at least.

Battlefront makes some decent figures although I have seen some more recent figures that I wasn't thrilled with. But they have a very large range and there is bound to be a few clinkers in design from time to time.
As this commission moves along I will post more photos.
Thank you for looking

Romans and Seleucids

Here are some photos of commission work that I've completed recently. All of the figures are 15mm Old Glory with the exception of one Essex figure and one Xyston figure. Can you "figure" out which figures they are? The bases are Litko and the ground material is from Gale Force Nine. I'm not the biggest fan of Old Glory as prepping them is a pain and they just seem rough to my eyes. But you know, they do paint up well and they are affordable.



Hmmm one of these figures looks suspiciously tall

Mounted Command

Seleucid pike
I really like the way these came out. I've painted a lot of Greek pike and I may just have to paint some more :^)


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flames of War Germans

First up I have some pictures of a recently completed commission. The client wanted something a bit wintery with German SS troops. The Sperrverband troops were added into the commission a bit later but I tried to keep the SS look about them. I figured it was late war and the SS "drafted" into service regular Heer and Luftwaffe troops to fill the ranks. So there is a bit a variety in uniform items. Since some of the figures had rolled up sleeves I had to make it a mix of snow and non-snow ground.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!!


Welcome to the first post on my blog. This blog is intended to show my clients and those who wish to follow along, what I am up to in the studio of Blue Moose Arts. I am always painting new things and I will try to keep pace with the blog posts to match what I paint. Also, you may find the occasional comment or rant concerning non-client related miniature painting. I like to talk. Feel free to make any comments you would like and always, always, always, ask questions!
Thank you for looking.