Friday, September 10, 2010

World War Two Soviets

Up this week are some 28mm Soviet Russian infantry of World War Two. The figures came organized into groups so I'm afraid I don't know the manufacturer(s). However, I do think I recognize some Artizan figures.

What you are looking at is a squad of soldiers. They are an eleven man squad with a squad leader, armed with a PPSH-41 smg, a LMG gunner and ammo carrier, and the rest armed with Mosin Nagant rifles. Equipment wise, they are not carrying a whole lot. A bag, a water bottle, and a great coat over the shoulder. A few have an entrenching tool. Thus far they have all been nice figures to paint.

This is part of a much larger commission and I will post more pictures as I get more complete.

I've been pretty lax about posting pictures. I am gong to try and post something every friday, if possible.
Until next time,