Saturday, May 23, 2020

It's the end of May and things have finally started to warm up in my neck of the woods.  Monster May(hem) continues over at the Angry Piper.  And I will continue to paint a monster or two to support this effort.

This past week see me paint up some monsters of the "smaller" variety.   They are commission pieces to I'm not sure of the manufacturer of one of them.  But without further ado....

 This Displacer Beast is a metal figure.  I'm not sure of the maker but I can say that it didn't go together quite right and needed some filling to cover the seams.  Still, I like the face on this one and the lean nature of the cat..
                                            Here is the same beast along side another one.
 This is the second Displacer Beast.  It is a DnD miniature made by Wizards of the Coast.  It's made out of a sort of plastic material.  They claim you can paint straight on it without priming.  But I primed anyway.  I like the muscular nature of this figure and the dynamic tentacles.
Finally, I have a minotaur by Reaper Miniatures.  He's a big fellow.  I'm not a fan of the choice of weapons.  Minotaurs need something two handed to fight with!  Still, it's a nice figure and it was fun to paint. The Greek Hoplite and the rabbit were thrown in just for fun.  But the Greek is a Warlord plastic figure and the rabbit is a Skull and Crown figure.  I like rabbits.....


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  1. Thanks for taking part, Ken. I love the work you did on everything. I painted up a pair of the Nolzur's displacer beasts last year, but I must confess I like the metal one you have better. Could it be from Ral Partha?