Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Another week...

Miniature painting is a bit like meditation for me.  It can be very relaxing and I sometimes find myself doing some odd things that I wouldn't normally do in a public setting.  Singing being one of them.  I usually put on some music to paint to and find myself singing along to a song all the while applying paint to a figure.  My music choices vary.  I'm not sure if it affects my painting.  If it does I apologize for painting country on a death metal, spikey bit figure!

 Above you'll find an assortment of fantasy figures.  I couldn't tell you the manufacturer but I can tell you they are 25mm.  These are for a gentleman who was just looking to get a few things painted.
 A Gripping Beast 28mm Norman knight.  He will be part of a larger unit for the game SAGA.

 28mm Warlord.  World War Two Poles.  I would be curious to see how these compare to the new Polish range from Crusader.  
 28mm Wargames Foundry.  World War Two Luftwaffe Pilots/Aircrew.  I quite like these figures.  Perfect for any scenarios where a downed aircraft is in play.  
 28mm Warlord Early War Germans.  These figures are from the plastic set offered by Warlord.  Plastic figures seem pretty durable.  And they paint up just as easy as metal.  My biggest complaint is the lack of variety offered in box sets.  6 torsos per frame.  One is prone.  Another is in a silly running pose.  One is kneeling.  So that leaves 3 in an upright and sensible pose.  Only so much you can do with those unless you want to start cutting legs to get other positions.  But I am probably being too picky.  I'm sure Warlord sells plenty of sets and others make them work just fine.  
Lastly, something different.  I painted up this dragon to use at our local school.  It is made out of rigid foam.  The same stuff we gamers use for scenery.  I thought it came out pretty cool so I'm including it.  Until next time, keep painting!

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