Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ottoman Cavalary

It's been a busy summer and while I've accomplished quite a bit, I haven't taken the time to post any pictures.  Let me see if I can change that.  

These are some 25mm Ottoman cavalry figures that I just completed.  The figures are made by Essex.  I replaced the spears with some that I made out of brass.  The nice thing about these figures was there was quite a bit of room and open space to paint some designs. 

There were a few things I didn't care for with these figures.  The metal used in these figures was soft and deformed quite easily.  It may have just been a case of the figures being an older cast that used more lead in the alloy.  The second thing was that the riders were too small to mount on the horses.  I had to get in a spread the legs of the riders apart .  As it was, I forgot to check the fit before painting so  I had to nervously bend metal after the paint was complete.  Not fun but it taught me a lesson.  Always learn.  

Enjoy the pictures.

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