Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DBA Hittites

I do, occasionally, get to paint a few miniatures for myself in between commissions. While I have many projects for myself, I find that DBA armies suit me best. I do like DBA and enjoy the simplicity of it. Although I am not a great player and lose more often than not. So I suppose the simplicity is in the learning to play, not in how well to play.

Seen here is a Hittite army. (I/24b) The miniatures are 15mm Essex and the army is an Essex army pack. Some people don't like Essex sculpts and have problems with their horses. But I like their line of figures and I really enjoy the horses for the way they paint up. I may not be historically accurate with colors and patterns but it looks good to me. The bases are Litko. I did paint up an extra element of spears as I needed something to do with all the extra chariot riders that were provided.
If you like this army and are interested in purchasing it, I can be persuaded to sell it. Contact me at Ken@bluemoosearts.com .
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