Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ancient Egyptians

Ah, the ancient Egyptians. They were the super power of their day. These miniatures are actually the second part of a commission that I've been working on for some time. They are for a client who, over the years, has become a good friend, too. The miniatures are mostly Chariot Miniatures, with a few Essex as well. The pictures only show a small sample of what's been completed.

One thing I like about ancients is the diversity you get with some armies. I, personally, like having an army where I can identify a unit by it's look. I tried to use a few different skin tones to further help identify who is who. Of course, it's a bit easier with the Nubians, pictured above. For skin tones I really like the Reaper Master series of paints. They have great triads that cover many skin types. This is the second time I've done African skin tones and the results are so much better with Reaper. I highly recommend them.

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