Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WW2 US troops

Here are some figures that I am working on at the moment. All of the figures are 15mm Battlefront. Each figure is to be individually mounted on 3/4 inch fender washers. Even though only a small portion of the figures are shown they are actually taking over my studio. It seems they are everywhere! The bases will be finished with some ground material and a bit of flocking. I usually do basing last and on all figures at the same time so as to get consistent results. Plus I like to put it off as it isn't my most favorite part of a job. You can get a glimpse of my painting area as well. Well, part of it at least.

Battlefront makes some decent figures although I have seen some more recent figures that I wasn't thrilled with. But they have a very large range and there is bound to be a few clinkers in design from time to time.
As this commission moves along I will post more photos.
Thank you for looking

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  1. Hi Ken

    I agree totally about Battlefront's 'mix and don't match' recent resculpts.

    I really like how you painted the Americans - what colours did you use for the Helmets/jackets/trousers.