Monday, October 2, 2017

The Return....

I'm back!   After far too long I have decided to get back to showing off some miniature work and to get back to adding things to this page.  I won't go into details on my absence.  There were many reasons but mostly it was probably laziness.  A terrible excuse, I know.  Let's get into the miniatures...

 Above you see some World War Two Polish figures from Warlord.  Nice figures.  Good detail.  I found several painting guides and took the ideas that I thought best when it came to choosing colors.  These guys are part of a squad I am painting for skirmish gaming. 
 These are 28mm Gripping Beast Bretons.  They are mercenaries for the game SAGA.  They will be part of a Norman force.  All shields are hand painted.  Sure, I could have used decals.  But then, they would be the same as everybody else who uses the same decals.  Go for individuality if you have the chance! 
 More Warlord 28mm World War Two.  This time a German SS sniper team.  These guys are just an added unit to a platoon of SS.  No political statement is being made here.  Just painting some miniatures. 
Finally, for something different, here are some Games Workshop Lizard Men.  These are Fire Salamanders and their Skink handlers.  Games Workshop makes some really nice figures.  But they are pricey.  Second hand or on sale is what I recommend.  But I have many interests and limited funds.  These guys will actually wind up in a force for the game Dragon Rampant. 

Well, that's all for this week.  I hope to have more completed next week and get pictures posted then. 
Until next time.....Keep painting!

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